My journey into the wealth management industry began during my Freshman year at the University of Illinois. I was searching for my calling in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with no declared major. I knew I wanted to choose a field that would challenge me, and one that would leave me a feeling of accomplishment but nothing had yet caught my eye. It was after witnessing a meeting between my parents and their wealth advisor that I found what I had been looking for. Seeing how a true fiduciary advisor can help a family sort through the intricacies of personal finance, working through the twists and turns of financial markets, legal frameworks, mathematical calculations and human emotions to solve their varying and complex problems was fascinating. Seeing the positive impact on a family that comes from an achieved goal was, and continues to be, inspiring. That advisor eventually offered me an internship which turned into a job offer, and later a partnership at his firm, Clearwater Capital Partners.

Another of my passions in life is Motorsport. Whether I’m watching a race, working on a car, driving around a race track or instructing a fellow driver from the passenger seat. What draws me to it is the idea of bringing order to chaos. Taking a machine to the limit of physics, and my skill, requires far more than guts. It takes a firm understanding of vehicle dynamics and geometry, a trust in the machinery, the ability to adapt to ever changing conditions, and the commitment to carry speed where novice drivers would panic and crash. From outside the car it may seem like a flurry of dramatic reactionary activity, inside the car you’d find it to be a calm and calculated exercise. Driving racecars may not seem particularly relevant in a personal finance blog on the surface, but when you look deeper you’ll find that many of the concepts I just mentioned overlap with what I do with my clients.

I’ve also found that I really enjoy teaching, whether it be in my office or in a racecar. Both require an ability to explain complex ideas in concise and easy to process ways in what can at times be stressful situations. Over the years, education has become a keystone of my approach to wealth management and at the track.

It’s at the intersection of these passions that we find ourselves here. The Apex Advisor will focus on helping you hit your marks in your financial lives using lessons learned throughout my career. Like in racing, some posts will be long and some will be short but I hope you find them all to be worth the milage.

As a Partner at Clearwater Capital Partners, I work with successful families to assemble their wealth puzzle. We start by gaining clarity of your specific facts, circumstances, and goals. Only then can we begin the process of analyzing these details, leading us to conviction towards the right path forward. We then partner with our clients through a commitment to that path to success. The Clearwater C3 process gives us a framework from which to approach all aspects of our clients’ financial puzzles. I measure my success not only through portfolio returns, but perhaps more importantly through the goals I help my clients achieve.

In addition to Motorsports, I’m also an avid hockey fan and try to get on the ice as often as I can. That’s become much harder now that my wonderful wife and I welcomed our first born into the world in January of 2018. Fortunately, he likes the Blackhawks as much as I do, so I settle for more watching than playing lately. I grew up in McHenry County, Illinois where I continue to live today with my family.